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Gyms are open again, we can all walk on the beach and sports are slowly getting back to normal. Yay! Whatever form of exercise you feel comfortable with, experts suggest that doing it 1 to 2 hours per week will bestow you with a host of health benefits:

  1. Increases the production of hormones that make you feel happier, thereby helping to combat depression, which might have occurred during lockdown. “Motion changes emotion.”
  2. Improves your quality of sleep, which in itself boost immune function and general well-being.
  3. Improves your skin’s appearance, thereby making you look younger. Who does not want that?
  4. Exercise is an important part of a weight-loss regime. Together with a sensible diet, you can get that summer body.
  5. Lessens the risks of chronic diseases such as; heart disease, obesity and diabetes, all of which are risk factors for COVID-19.

Let’s get moving and keep it moving!

This article and its content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.


The death of a loved one affects us on so many levels; emotionally, financially and spiritually. While all of us understand that a death in the family is a certain event we will all have to deal with at some stage, many of us avoid thinking about it, never mind planning for it. We might be afraid of the unknown, or hope it never happens to us. Most people are simply overwhelmed by the practicalities involved in arranging a funeral. It is daunting at the best of times.

It is important to understand that there is help. There are many funeral plans available to make the financial planning easier, as well as useful tips to guide you in planning ahead. According to industry experts, these are the first official steps one has to take when someone passes away:

  • Get a Death Certificate. Death reports can only be issued by Department of Home Affairs, Traditional leaders, members of the SAPS and authorised undertakers. The Department of Home Affairs will issue a Death Certificate on receipt of the notification of death (Form BI-1663) and the Death Report (Form BI-1680). See: Without the Death Certificate, you will not be able to administer the Will or register the death.
  • Locate the deceased’s ID smartcard or green barcoded ID book. Without it, making funeral arrangements and administering the estate will be very difficult, if not impossible.
  • Determine whether the deceased had any funeral or life policies. This might make money available quickly, so you can plan the funeral without financial worry.

It is also advised that each person keeps a file of their policies, copies of ID documents and a Will to help their loved ones with the difficult process of bereavement.

Clientèle Funeral Guide: An easy-to-read practical guide on how to plan a funeral, with helpful tips, telephone numbers and a checklist.

This article and its content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice.

Clientèle Talks

Top 2 Reasons Why A Life Plan Is A “Must”

When it comes to life, love, health, money and all the challenges in-between, you may agree that life gets really complicated. Just thinking about insurance may distress you even more! But, if you want to get serious about securing your loved ones’ future, getting life cover is a crucial factor to consider.

To help you understand why, we sum it up for you in 2 key points.

1. A life plan ensures everyone is looked after

Whatever your current needs may be, everyone deserves a sound financial plan to protect them and their loved ones against the consequences of unforeseen life events, such as illness and death. Depending on the type of life plan you choose, you will be ensured a range of benefits such as cash-backs, a certain payout sum within 24 hours, and minimal medical requirements to help you take care of those who depend on you for their livelihood.

In a way, you could see a trusted life insurer as the ‘person’ who will replace a part of your income when you cannot work due to a dread disease, or in the event of your sudden passing. Thinking about these things and having this important conversation with your family is always hard, but in today’s unpredictable world you have to do it sooner rather than later.

The reality is that it is your responsibility to prepare your dependants for a future that possibly does not include you. With a smart financial cover plan that allows you to set aside a small amount of money each month, you are able to provide your loved ones with enough money to cover the costs of their education, utility bills and groceries, just to name a few! The peace of mind this gives you is truly worth it.

2. The great news is that life insurance can be affordable

Besides securing financial help for your loved ones to cover their living expenses, chances are you might fall ill or pass away without paying outstanding debts. This means you may become a financial burden to your spouse, parents, children or other people close to you when they have to use their own money to pay off your debt such as credit cards, car loans and/or the bond.

Because none of us really knows when tragedy will strike, Clientèle gives us the option to add some comfort with carefully designed life cover packages designed to ease that burden. The value of our products is priceless when you consider how the product you choose will reduce financial stress during a time of emotional distress.

Contact us here to find out how our life plans can give you excellent enhanced benefits at low monthly premiums.

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Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover – Getting a Funeral Plan & the T-word: Time

Getting a Funeral Plan & the T-word: Time

This month, our Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover reminds us that the clock is ticking. The youth often don’t think about the fact that anyone can pass away unexpectedly! It is true that death is not reserved for the older generation only.

Getting funeral insurance as a young person seems a foreign concept, especially when there might not be any debt, bonds, medical bills or other financial responsibilities to worry about yet. However, the benefits included in an affordable funeral plan from an accredited funeral insurer can help you and your loved ones lead a more financially secure life with peace of mind, starting today.

But would it be a good idea to sign up for a funeral policy when I am young and healthy?

Yes, it is a great idea! Your time of passing is something nobody knows, so when it does happen – unexpectedly or not, for whatever reason – your loved ones will be going through a difficult time. Coping with the event of death is a time of emotional distress and during this period of grief, the last thing you want them to feel stressed about is money! It is therefore important to do your part to not become a financial burden to those you love once you are gone. With Clientèle, you can be smart about the funeral plan you choose, as it allows you to cover up to 13 people on one plan.

Put yourself in their shoes and think: How easily will they be able to pay for a funeral?

Funerals cost a lot of money and they will become even more expensive considering fuel and food production prices are increasing every year. Try to be very realistic when considering the state of your loved one’s finances. When someone passes away, many questions come to mind for everyone close to the deceased: How will the funeral be paid for when your daily expenses are as high as it is? Who will cover the unexpected funeral costs, such as the coffin, unveiling, transport and food? Which funeral providers are the cheapest, yet most reliable? Who can help with funeral arrangements to ensure a dignified farewell?

Imagine how thankful they will be when they know you have arranged for them to call Clientèle and receive the payout within 24 hours! Also, when they claim, they will receive airtime to help with all those that would need to be called. They will further receive assistance with funeral planning, groceries and the unveiling. These benefits all help keep them from having to count on their personal finances to afford your funeral – plus, nobody will be skimping on giving you the dignified funeral you deserve.

Contact us here to find out how our cover products can give you these enhanced benefits at low monthly premiums. You can also read about others who have made the right choice to get cover for any unforeseen expenses here.

Next month, we take a look at the pros and cons of getting covered while you still can. Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide to understanding funeral plans is here to give you information to pass on to a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour, or even a stranger!

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Ultimate Guide to Funeral Cover | What is a Funeral Plan

What is a Funeral Plan?

This month, our Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover answers the most important question of all:

What is a Funeral Plan?

When it comes to life after death, there are a few things we often forget to ask ourselves, such as who will pay for the funeral and who will support us while we mourn? A Funeral Plan is a policy that allows you to ensure the cost of your own, or a loved one’s funeral is covered. When the time comes to say your final goodbyes, not having extra financial pressure allows you to focus on your grief instead of worrying about how you are going to pay for the funeral.

It is true that dealing with the loss of someone close to us never gets easier, so the only thing we can really do is work on ensuring that death does not further complicate our lives. We can do this by planning properly, starting today!

The reality of dealing with a loved one’s death means that we also need to handle a lot of practicalities. For example, funeral arrangements need to be made and it all adds up, costing a lot of time and money. This is why it is important to take control of money matters now, find support and figure out who you can trust to help your loved ones when you are no longer around! The latter is simple: get affordable coverfrom a reliable funeral insurer.

Let’s get started by explaining why finding support is important and why the funeral policy you invest in needs to give you more than just money in return.

So why do you need to know what a Funeral Plan is?

When a loved one passes away, it is not always possible for the family members who are left behind to cope financially. This is where Clientèle comes in – we ensure your loved ones are supported in your absence. While you pay a small monthly premium now, the future value of this is really important. Consider the long term benefits included in one of Clientèle’s affordable funeral cover plans such as airtime, grief counselling, groceries, unveiling, transport, 24 hour support helpline and contact with trustworthy funeral suppliers at discounted rates.

Exactly how our lives are changed by the loss of a loved one is something most of us might think about, but do not actually do anything about. Whether expected or unexpected, there is a practical consequence when anyone says that final goodbye.

So who exactly needs funeral cover?

You do! It is important to have you or your loved ones laid to rest with dignity, and to give loved ones left behind the opportunity to pay their last respects and celebrate your life. Did you know a ceremony in South Africa costs anything from R7,500 to R80,000 or more.

The irony is that many South Africans still forget to provide for this time in the future. Your own death, for example, means the people closest to you – a parent, a partner or a child – will have to deal with life without you, and we all know how expensive it gets as each day goes by! Fortunately, we specialise in making it as easy as possible for you, just as we have for others. Read their testimonies here.

You can rest assured that the affordable funeral plan you sign up for will be by all your loved ones’ sides. Just imagine how good it will feel to know they will not have extra strain on their finances? Yes, it comes down to the fact that you will not be a financial burden – your efforts to ensure funeral expenses are covered will be greatly appreciated by everyone close to you.

Next month, we take a look at the pros and cons of getting covered while you still can. Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide to understanding funeral plans is here to give you information to pass on to a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour, or even a stranger!

Clientèle Talks

4 Reasons Why A Health Event Life Plan (H.E.L.P Plan) Is Good For Your Health

With winter knocking on our door, the only thing we can be certain of right now is that it is highly likely that you will need to visit a doctor or health care facility at some point in the coming months. The key to winter survival is having excellent health cover.

Luckily, many health insurance plans have been created to suit your needs in terms of budget, lifestyle and family ‘set-up’. After all, these plans are provided by people who know people! They have identified what others – that would be you – deal with when it comes to life’s ups and downs at unexpected times. So, choosing the perfect health cover option for yourself and/or family should not be too difficult! Plus, it is certainly worth the effort to make a smart decision about a specific health plan that will help you not only today or tomorrow, but also in the long term! Taking responsibility for your body and own peace of mind – as well as your family’s wellness – is a reward you can easily enjoy, starting now.

Firstly, consider how good it would be to know that the affordable Premium H.E.L.P. Plan or Standard H.E.L.P. Plan you chose is on standby to help you and your loved ones bear the financial burden! Thanks to benefits included in your H.E.L.P Plan package, suffering from a sudden or a chronic physical and/or other illness does not have to stress anyone out even further.

Secondly, we could all agree that accidents happen when we least expect it! Yes, now’s the time to make a plan! The fact of the ‘health matter’ is that we cannot prevent life from happening. What you can do, however, is ensure that you have non-medical expense cover, as a result of hospitalisation.

Here is Clientèle’s list of top 4 reasons why it is important to arrange health insurance with the budget-friendly H.E.L.P Plan for yourself:

  • PLANNING: You may be surprised to know that the premium included in good health cover could be more than affordable! Despite the cost of health care being high as it is, we make an effort to cater to all South Africans’ pockets. Yes, the proof is in Clientèle’s H.E.L.P Plan, which is non-medical cover, as a result of hospitalisation. It offers you a variety of health insurance products and valuable cash benefits, as well as up to R1 million cover on the Premium H.E.L.P Plan, per year. This is cash for you to use as you choose;
  • PROTECTION: Even with the backdrop of a tough economic climate, your well-being should remain a priority. Finding a health plan that is kind to your budget and best suited to your current lifestyle, is one decision you can count on to make your life easier and give you peace of mind for unforeseen health expenses. This way, you’re also assured of additional cover for Accidental Death, Accidental Disability and Dread Disease as part of the H.E.L.P Plan;
  • SUPPORT: Have you heard the saying, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans?” It really is true. Accidents and incidents happen. Life is unpredictable with ups and downs, the good and the bad, healthy bones and broken ones. The point is that you need to be prepared for anything that happens as best possible – and it takes a good product such as the Clientèle H.E.L.P Plan to do so, because it supports not only you but also four children at no additional cost. Plus, a maternity benefit is offered and you have access to a 24-hour helpline should you ever need it. Nurses are on standby to assist you with any health queries and arrange for ambulance or flight services in cases of emergency;
  • CONVENIENCE: Often, as mentioned earlier, dealing with sickness over longer periods of time means we may end up in a health care facility for extended periods of time. With sufficient health cover in place, you are able to focus on recovery and receiving treatment while your loved ones rest assured that you have taken steps to securing financial support in advance – especially with our H.E.L.P Plan, which makes the process easier by giving you airtime when you claim.

In conclusion, just imagine the comfort you will feel knowing the specific health insurance plan you decided to sign up for will support you (and your loved ones!) when your body or mind runs into some unwelcome ‘trouble’. For an outline of what exactly your H.E.L.P Plan includes, visit the official webpage here.

KINDLY NOTE: This is not a medical scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover

Why You Can’t Live Without It

The year 2017 started only three months ago: January made us feel motivated; February was filled with love; and March is making us realise how important it is to take care of ourselves. This means that getting a funeral policy needs to be your priority.

To help make the upcoming months (and the rest of your life) a success, it is important to make a plan with, well, a funeral plan! We get so busy with life that we often forget that it will come to an end – perhaps when we least expect it. Whether you are focusing on building your career in the working world or spending time looking after loved ones at home, one thing is certain for us all: death.

While each of us has different goals to achieve, death is the kind of matter that sets nobody apart from the person next to him or her. It has to do with the fact that everyone reading this article will pass away. We are just not sure exactly when. However, we are sure that time flies. It is therefore necessary for you to take responsibility for your future by checking that your funeral cover is in order. Do not wait another day because, as we know, tomorrow may not come.

Trust us, funerals are expensive. Despite this being a sensitive topic to discuss, your friends and family will be very thankful for the financial arrangements you will have made in advance to cover death-related expenses. The future is uncertain and life, in essence, unpredictable. Perhaps consider it a gesture of goodwill? We are all too aware that having to handle the practicalities surrounding funeral services only adds further stress and discomfort to those a deceased person leaves behind!

If you are worried that arranging funeral insurance entails a difficult and expensive procedure, we have great news! Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover will explain different aspects of death cover and offer advice on choosing a funeral plan best suited to your budget. This helpful 10-part series of online articles will be posted here every month, starting April 2017.

Here are 10 questions about funeral packages Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover will give answers to:

1. Back to Basics: What is a Funeral Plan?

2. Getting a Funeral Plan & the T-word: Time?

3. The Pros & Cons of Getting Funeral Cover?

4. Real Talk: Funeral Cover & Client Testimonies?

5. The Ins & Outs of Arranging Funeral Insurance?

6. S.O.S. Make Funeral Planning your Friend?

7. Funeral Plan D-Day: Step-by-Step Support for Loved Ones?

8. Funeral Cover: Friends & Family with Benefits?

9. Death by Budget: Smart Ways to Save on Funeral Cover?

10. The Day I Die: An Ultimate Wishlist & Death Cover Advantages?

Our Guide is geared towards ensuring you become mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with the thought of the day your loved ones bid you farewell. The aim is to give you peace of mind that those close to you will have a hassle-free experience when arranging a funeral one day – and that everyone can rest assured in the meantime.

There truly is no need to confuse matters of the mind with matters of the heart.

There is only an urgency to gain knowledge on the topic of getting a good funeral plan in place as soon as possible. It is necessary to answer uncomfortable questions, and Clientèle believes in empowering people with insights they can pass on to a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour, or even a stranger!

Uncontested Divorce!

Legalities of the divorce

“When I went through my divorce I felt like my world was ending,” recalls Justine Likachane, a Clientèle Legal client. “I felt confused and helpless. My Clientèle Legal policy made all the difference. Clientèle Legal protected me emotionally and financially.”

“The breakup of a marriage can be an emotionally scarring and a financially life-changing event,” says Morne Sauer from Clientèle Legal. “Where possible, we advise the couple to reach a settlement and agree to an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces are simpler, cheaper and can be finalised quicker. When spouses cannot reach an agreement in a contested divorce, the courts must make a decision on their behalf. It becomes a costly to and fro legal conflict, and often both sides lose something.”

Sauer says Clientèle Legal handles a large number of uncontested divorces every year and are specialists in dealing with South African circumstances, including customary marriages. The following factors are considered when drawing up a settlement agreement between you and your spouse: division of assets, division and share of pension funds, custody, care and maintenance of minor children and maintenance of the spouse.

“It can be helpful to have a lawyer who concentrates on the legalities of the divorce, while looking after the emotional wellbeing of your family and yourself.”

Lichakane agrees that having a lawyer available made all the difference. “They were very professional and compassionate and helped me every step of the way. My lawyer even accompanied me to court and the matter was settled. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Clientèle Youth Development Initiative

Youth Development Initiative Grows

The 57 learners who were part of the 2014 Youth Development Initiative were expecting a conventional tour of the company on Friday, 4 July 2014. What they received instead was an experience which we hope will inspire them towards greatness.

It wasn’t just the fact that participation doubled in numbers that we should be proud of it. It offered learners the complete package – information, inspiration and fun. “I feel that this year was ten times better compared to last year because of the way that it was organised. The learners received so much more than career shadowing and career testing. For example, we had an Amazing Race competition with prizes. They even got some physical education at the gym,” says HR Officer Dheran Pillay.

CSI Officer Emily Molakeng notes the exceptional commitment from departments this year to get involved. One of the departments that they visited was the Infrastructure Services Department. “We wanted the students to understand that there is more to it than merely touching wires and going under tables to fix computers. For instance, there is software development, business analysis and project management,” says Gabafiwe Mogoshane, Telecom Administrator.

While the future for many young South Africans hangs in the balance, as a corporate we have given some a fighting chance. It is something we can all be proud of.

Here is what some of the students had to say about their day at Clientèle:

“My biggest highlight was making new friends, dealing with different perspectives and experiencing the corporate world.”  – Boitumelo Mbatha (17), Grade 11.

“Before coming to Clientèle, I felt quite limited in terms of career options. The experience really opened up my mind to the broad spectrum of things that I can do in the future.”  – Kentse Monageng (18), Grade 12.

“When my sister told me about this opportunity I was immediately hooked because I wasn’t sure what career to go into. It is a really hard decision for one to choose their subjects at the end of grade 9. At least today I have a clearer idea of what I want to do.”  – Busisiwe Mkhwanazi (16), Grade 10.

Click here to view the Youth Development Initiative pictures.

Clientèle joins Social Media

In this fast-paced and technology-driven world, time and information are very important. People want to see and engage with brands more openly on social network platforms. This has opened the door for Clientèle to create relevant social media platforms to showcase the brand and engage with the consumer. It is with this in mind that Clientèle recently launched social networking profiles on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Using these new social media networks will allow Clientèle to effectively provide those that ‘follow’ or ‘like’ the social media profiles with news and other updates that relate to Clientèle while offering a platform where clients can engage directly.

Each social network platform has a unique function which creates brand awareness and brand presence for Clientèle.

YouTube, being the largest video sharing platform, is where the current Clientèle TV adverts and IFA testimonial videos are loaded. It is the third most searched for website on the internet after Google and Facebook. LinkedIn, the largest ‘professional’ social networking platform allows professionals and companies to link their employment history together. There are approximately 1,102,536 LinkedIn professional users in South Africa and Clientèle has created a LinkedIn company page to connect current and ex-employees.

The Clientèle Life and Clientèle Legal Facebook pages were created in order to engage with users and give them access to information while answering their queries timeously. If you already have LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, “LIKE” us on Facebook, ‘FOLLOW’ the company on LinkedIn or ‘SUBSCRIBE’ to the YouTube Channels.

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