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Clientèle Ranked No.2 by Financial Mail

Financial Mail Top Companies 2014

The Financial Mail has been publishing Top Companies for over two decades, identifying not only companies that have performed the best in the previous year by various measures, but which are also likely to perform well again and also offer investors good value.
Clientèle has done exceptionally well over the past few years, shooting the lights out last year by achieving 18th position overall against very strong competition. This year, we are even prouder of our achievement as we celebrate excellence across a number of factors: corporate governance, empowerment commitment, strength of management, investability (value buy and tradability) as well as industry and company profit prospects. These strengths, together with our commitment to staff, and consistent retention of talent, as well as the stable employment environment with an unbelievably warm company culture that is pretty rare these days, make us hard to beat.
This year we have excelled in both objective and subjective elements of the assessment, and can confirm that we have once again been placed in the Top 20.
In complete agreement with Financial Mail’s thinking that the numbers, of course, do not fall out of nowhere, it is always important to remember that they are the result of what people have done. Congratulations to the Clientèle team on being acknowledged in 2nd position in the 2014 Financial Mail, Top Companies!
This achievement is phenomenal and is due to the contribution of each of our employees! Through innovation, customer excellence, and market-leading business savvy, Clientèle’s presence as a formidable player has been felt. This was reiterated recently with our Ask Afrika Orange Index (#1) Award for our excellent service, and now this.
We’re really proud of this achievement, and congratulate fellow industry player, Sanlam in 10th position. As a market leader we will continue to focus on key strengths, adjusting them to overcome new challenges the market throws at us, continually aiming to deliver value for all stakeholders, inclusive of shareholders, clients and employees. We believe success is not a once-off exercise and is only achieved as a result of a lot of hard work, passion and strategic foresight.