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The New Clientèle Legal Plans

Clientèle Legal launches new plans

Clientèle Legal recently launched a new television campaign. The campaign takes a more dramatic approach than previous campaigns and boasts a fresh new look and new co-host, James van Helsdingen. Traditional elements like the use of real clients, true stories and our well recognized and respected Brand Ambassador Desmond Dube remain key elements of the new campaign.

‘We decided to take a new approach as our market research revealed that is what our clients wanted,’ explains Driaan du Toit, Managing Director of Clientèle Legal.’‘We recently asked our clients what they expect from the brand and they told us they want professional lawyers, affordable premiums and compassionate and efficient service. We filmed our testimonials in realistic settings and with a friendlier tone. We re-enacted our clients’ stories with actors to make our ads more engaging and entertaining. Our clients have responded positively.’
The TV campaign is complemented by a print campaign and it introduces an extended product range, including plans to cover extended family members. Depending on the plan you choose, premiums start from R120 (member only).
New additions to the media mix are YouTube videos of the featured testimonials. ‘True stories of real clients have always been a feature in our advertising,’ says Laura Botha, Marketing Executive. ‘Our brand is about authenticity and openness, so we have given clients more of an opportunity to share their stories with the public. It is very inspiring to hear how we have contributed to their lives and how we made a difference.’
The YouTube edits contain information not seen on TV and include stories of a CCMA referral that resulted in the Clientèle Legal client receiving a R60, 000 payout, a woman who received legal assistance when she was arrested for drunken driving and a second-hand car nightmare that was resolved by Clientèle Legal.
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