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AMAGUGU – A Bold New Genre of TV Drama

Brand new TV drama, proudly sponsored by Clientèle

AMAGUGU is a gripping new docu-drama series on SABC1. The series deals with the issues of life, death and funerals in a gritty, touching and thought-provoking style that has never been seen before on SA television. Clientèle is the proud sponsor of AMAGUGU. Ochre Media are the chosen production partners. Ochre Media has previously produced hit series like Zola 7 and Gaz’lam.

‘We sponsored the development of the series because we realized that many South Africans are not prepared for the death or funeral of a loved one – emotionally or financially,’ explains Laura Botha, Clientèle’s Marketing Executive. ‘We are excited to be able to help educate and inform people in a genre that would also entertain and hold their attention.’ ‘Amagugu is a brave exploration into the genre of dramatized reality,’ says Stan Joseph, Managing Director of Ochre Media. It was made possible by Clientèle’s innovative approach to branded content.’ The series airs on SABC1 Mondays at 22h00.

The name ‘AMAGUGU’ was chosen because it invokes images of something ‘precious’ as well as being the name of a much-loved traditional funeral song. The message of the song reflects the notion that, at the end of the day, we cannot take our physical possessions with us, causing us to reflect on the true value of life.

The series comprises 13 episodes, each dealing with a true story of the passing of a loved one. The stories were shot in a reality style, combining interviews of the real person with dramatic re-enactments. The stories range from the heart-warming to the thought provoking to the inspiring. Episode 1 of AMAGUGU relates the true events of the sensational death of Thato Mokoka. Thato’s story made news headlines when he was killed by a police officer after having been wrongly accused of having a gun. The police officer has since been found guilty in a court of law. The episode will air roughly on the first anniversary of his death. While Thato’s death received a lot of publicity at the time, this is the first time South Africans gain an insight into what happened to Thato’s family and what a special contribution he made to his family.

Other episodes in the series include the story of a friend who was horrified to discover the undertaker had placed the wrong body in the casket and the heart-warming story of a community that came together to bury their beloved priest.

The series also includes true stories of actual Clientèle clients, people whose lives were made easier because of their Funeral Cover with Clientèle. ‘We were very touched by the kind words our clients said about us. It was very inspiring to see that we make a difference in people’s lives,’ says Laura Botha. ‘It reminded us that what we do matters. People rely on us. We have a duty to South Africans. We are part of their extended family.’

Channel Head at SABC 1, Maijang Mpherwane says the new drama series is testament to the channel’s reputation of being Mzansi’s official story teller in that it explores issues that our viewers grapple with on a daily basis. ‘Like other topical issues such as relationships and financial management, funerals are an integral part of our viewers’ lives and as a public broadcaster, we are duty bound to unearth all the intricate issues associated with such things. We know that our viewers are going to love the series – we are proud to have worked on this series with Clientèle.’

Apart from the television series, AMAGUGU will launch with a Facebook page and Twitter account and members of the public will be encouraged to interact or comment on any aspects of the episodes. It will be the most interactive social media campaign ever supported by Clientèle.

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