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Clientèle Mobile

Introducing Clientèle Mobile which offers significant savings on data and airtime, helping you to stay connected with your loved ones. Rewarding Conversations are now a Clientèle Mobile SIM card away.

Clientèle Mobile SIM cards are available for purchase in the Clientèle App and at a mall near you. Get a SIM card and access some of South Africa’s most affordable airtime and data deals. Clientèle Rewards members get additional discounts on airtime & data and other exciting specials from time to time.

Why Clientèle Mobile?

Your SIM card will be activated within 24 hours after you RICA at our mall kiosk near you;

Discounted airtime and data conveniently available through the Clientèle App;

You will receive 100MB free data once SIM card is activated. Clientèle Rewards members get an additional 200MB free data (100MB after your first Rewards fee payment and 100MB after your second Rewards fee payment). To qualify simply confirm debit order details for your policy(ies) via DebiCheck.

Are you a Clientèle Rewards member? Then you can enjoy even more savings on airtime and data with your Clientèle Mobile SIM card.

Clientèle Rewards Discount:

Clientèle Rewards members get up to 35% discount.

Steps to purchase and activate your Clientèle Mobile SIM Card:

Follow these easy steps to get connected to Clientèle Mobile:

  • Download the Clientèle App and register;
  • Open the Clientèle App and select Clientèle Mobile to purchase your SIM card;
  • Click on "Get Connected";
  • Complete your details in the required fields;
  • Confirm your details;
  • Pay for your SIM card by selecting the payment method you prefer: debit/credit card or EFT and select "Pay Now";
  • Click "Continue" to confirm your SIM card purchase/order;
  • Once the order is successful, click on the SIM card order to view your order number;
  • Visit a Clientèle kiosk at a shopping centre near you to collect and RICA your SIM card. Remember to bring along your Green barcoded or Smart ID as well as proof of residence in order to RICA your SIM card.

SIM card can take up to 24 hours to activate.
Download our infographic here for an easy step-by-step guide on how you can get connected to Clientèle Mobile.
To recharge, view your airtime or data balance and SIM card information, log on to the Clientèle App

Important information after SIM card activation:


  • For free assistance from any Clientèle Mobile number dial 135;
  • From any other network dial 087 825 1155;
  • WhatsApp 061 131 8004;
  • Emergency Services (Free from any phone) dial 112;
  • To check your balance: Dial *140# or via the Clientèle or IFA App;
  • To convert** Airtime to Data : Dial *140*#, then select option 2 (at the Network Providers rates); 
  • To set up your voicemail dial 132;
  • Lost your SIM card? Call Clientèle Mobile on 087 825 1155.
Clientèle Airtime & Data Rates
% Airtime Discount R10 R30 R50 R100 R200 R250 R300
35% Clientèle Gold Rewards R6.50 R19.50 R32.50 R65.00 R130.00 R162.50 R195.00
30% Clientèle Silver Rewards R7.00 R21.00 R35.00 R70.00 R140.00 R175.00 R210.00
25% Clientèle Blue Rewards R7.50 R22.50 R37.50 R75.00 R150.00 R187.50 R225.00
Non-Rewards Member R10.00 R30.00 R50.00 R100.00 R200.00 R250.00 R300.00
* Clientèle Founder members will receive at least 25% off any airtime purchase, or applicable discount of the Rewards programme they are on, whichever is greater.  


% Data Discount 50MB 100MB 300MB 500MB 1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB
30% Clientèle Gold Rewards R9.90 R20.00 R49.00 R69.00 R95.00 R189.00 R280.00 R375.00
20% Clientèle Silver Rewards R11.00 R25.00 R52.00 R78.50 R99.00 R198.00 R298.00 R395.00
15% Clientèle Blue Rewards R12.00 R27.00 R56.00 R85.00 R110.00 R222.00 R330.00 R430.00
Non-Rewards Member R13.00 R30.00 R61.00 R93.00 R131.00 R255.00 R349.00 R469.00
* Clientèle Founder members will receive at least 15% off any data purchase, or applicable discount of the Rewards programme they are on, whichever is greater.  



Clientèle Mobile Rate Card
Clientèle Mobile Rates
Local Voice Calls R1.79 per minute
Data per MB R0.99 per MB
Local SMS R0.60 per SMS
Local MMS R0.80 per MMS
International SMS R2.00 per SMS
International MMS R5.00 per MMS
International Dialing

To find out more, contact Client Services on 135 (FREE) from your Clientèle Mobile SIM or 087 825 1155 (Standard rates apply)

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