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Clientèle joins Social Media

In this fast-paced and technology-driven world, time and information are very important. People want to see and engage with brands more openly on social network platforms. This has opened the door for Clientèle to create relevant social media platforms to showcase the brand and engage with the consumer. It is with this in mind that Clientèle recently launched social networking profiles on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Using these new social media networks will allow Clientèle to effectively provide those that ‘follow’ or ‘like’ the social media profiles with news and other updates that relate to Clientèle while offering a platform where clients can engage directly.

Each social network platform has a unique function which creates brand awareness and brand presence for Clientèle.

YouTube, being the largest video sharing platform, is where the current Clientèle TV adverts and IFA testimonial videos are loaded. It is the third most searched for website on the internet after Google and Facebook. LinkedIn, the largest ‘professional’ social networking platform allows professionals and companies to link their employment history together. There are approximately 1,102,536 LinkedIn professional users in South Africa and Clientèle has created a LinkedIn company page to connect current and ex-employees.

The Clientèle Life and Clientèle Legal Facebook pages were created in order to engage with users and give them access to information while answering their queries timeously. If you already have LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, “LIKE” us on Facebook, ‘FOLLOW’ the company on LinkedIn or ‘SUBSCRIBE’ to the YouTube Channels.