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Clientèle Launches New Cancer Plans

New Cancer Plans

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) cancer is a leading cause of death globally and CANSA (The Cancer Association of South Africa) reports that cancer is on the increase in South Africa, with younger people being increasingly diagnosed with the condition. In South Africa, the risk for women to be diagnosed with cancer is 1 in 8 and for males 1 in 6. The causes for the condition are not yet fully understood, with only 10% of cancers being ascribed to genetic factors and 90% to lifestyle or environmental factors. Yet, while the statistics are alarming, the good news is that cancer is more treatable than ever before and treatments are becoming more effective. The problem many South Africans face is that they cannot afford the treatments.
‘We know that cancer does not discriminate,’ says Basil Reekie, Managing Director of Clientèle. ‘It is not only a life-changing medical disease; it is also a financial condition. That is why we launched the Clientèle Cancer Plans, to help people prepare for the unforeseen costs associated with cancer.’ Reekie says their research showed that for many, medical aid was not enough and the hidden costs associated with cancer often catches people unawares. ‘For instance, there are additional treatments that have to be taken into account, possible reconstructive surgery and when you cannot work anymore, everyday expenses like rent or school fees can become a burden,’ Reekie explains. ‘Our Cancer Plans are designed to alleviate the financial pressure in the event of cancer. We are very proud of these products.’
Clientèle’s Cancer Plans pay out up to R300,000 cash in the event of a cancer diagnosis. The range of plans includes a plan specially designed for female cancers and a comprehensive plan for males and females. The lump sum can be used for medical costs, bridging the income gap if you cannot work anymore or everyday expenses. A unique feature of the Clientèle Cancer Plans is the Double Up Benefit: Cover amount doubles after 5 years, and should you remain cancer free, the cover will increase with the same amount every 5 years thereafter.
‘As we know cancer does not only affect the patient, but the whole family, we have also included the Terminal Cancer Benefit,’ Reekie says. ‘This benefit awards your beneficiaries with an additional 50% payout, in the event that the cancer is terminal. We have kept the Plans affordable. They start from R175 per month.’
Lillian Dube, brand ambassador for Clientèle and a long-term cancer survivor, is thrilled with the new Cancer Plans. ‘I can personally testify that cancer takes your hope, your health, your dignity – and your money. When you are ill, the last thing you want to be worrying about is money. This Plan can make a great contribution to people’s lives.’
For more information, visit the new Cancer Plans page on our website.