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Clientèle Legal

Car accident? Call your lawyer.

“I was stationary at a traffi c light when a drunk driver hit me from behind” recalls Lekhotla Mofolo. “I was not seriously injured, but my car sustained a lot of damage. The other driver did not take responsibility and actually ran away! That’s when I called my lawyer at Clientèle Legal.” Lekhotla explains.

“We attempted to mediate our client’s claim, but the other party refused to pay,” says Ravashnie Venugopal of Clientèle Legal. “After summons was served on the third party without response, we proceeded to take judgment. Only thereafterdid the other party settle our client’s claim in full.” Venugopalsays Mr Mofolo was lucky. Most claims of this nature tend totake years to resolve. Motor Vehicle Insurance should alwaysbe your fi rst option.”

Lekhotla was impressed with the service he received fromClientèle Legal: “The service was quick and highly professional.They continuously updated me on the progress made on myclaim. I can recommend Clientèle Legal to anyone.”

[Note: A Clientèle Legal policy is not a replacement for MotorVehicle Insurance.]