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Top 2 Reasons Why A Life Plan Is A “Must”

When it comes to life, love, health, money and all the challenges in-between, you may agree that life gets really complicated. Just thinking about insurance may distress you even more! But, if you want to get serious about securing your loved ones’ future, getting life cover is a crucial factor to consider.

To help you understand why, we sum it up for you in 2 key points.

1. A life plan ensures everyone is looked after

Whatever your current needs may be, everyone deserves a sound financial plan to protect them and their loved ones against the consequences of unforeseen life events, such as illness and death. Depending on the type of life plan you choose, you will be ensured a range of benefits such as cash-backs, a certain payout sum within 24 hours, and minimal medical requirements to help you take care of those who depend on you for their livelihood.

In a way, you could see a trusted life insurer as the ‘person’ who will replace a part of your income when you cannot work due to a dread disease, or in the event of your sudden passing. Thinking about these things and having this important conversation with your family is always hard, but in today’s unpredictable world you have to do it sooner rather than later.

The reality is that it is your responsibility to prepare your dependants for a future that possibly does not include you. With a smart financial cover plan that allows you to set aside a small amount of money each month, you are able to provide your loved ones with enough money to cover the costs of their education, utility bills and groceries, just to name a few! The peace of mind this gives you is truly worth it.

2. The great news is that life insurance can be affordable

Besides securing financial help for your loved ones to cover their living expenses, chances are you might fall ill or pass away without paying outstanding debts. This means you may become a financial burden to your spouse, parents, children or other people close to you when they have to use their own money to pay off your debt such as credit cards, car loans and/or the bond.

Because none of us really knows when tragedy will strike, Clientèle gives us the option to add some comfort with carefully designed life cover packages designed to ease that burden. The value of our products is priceless when you consider how the product you choose will reduce financial stress during a time of emotional distress.

Contact us here to find out how our life plans can give you excellent enhanced benefits at low monthly premiums.

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