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Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover

Why You Can’t Live Without It

The year 2017 started only three months ago: January made us feel motivated; February was filled with love; and March is making us realise how important it is to take care of ourselves. This means that getting a funeral policy needs to be your priority.

To help make the upcoming months (and the rest of your life) a success, it is important to make a plan with, well, a funeral plan! We get so busy with life that we often forget that it will come to an end – perhaps when we least expect it. Whether you are focusing on building your career in the working world or spending time looking after loved ones at home, one thing is certain for us all: death.

While each of us has different goals to achieve, death is the kind of matter that sets nobody apart from the person next to him or her. It has to do with the fact that everyone reading this article will pass away. We are just not sure exactly when. However, we are sure that time flies. It is therefore necessary for you to take responsibility for your future by checking that your funeral cover is in order. Do not wait another day because, as we know, tomorrow may not come.

Trust us, funerals are expensive. Despite this being a sensitive topic to discuss, your friends and family will be very thankful for the financial arrangements you will have made in advance to cover death-related expenses. The future is uncertain and life, in essence, unpredictable. Perhaps consider it a gesture of goodwill? We are all too aware that having to handle the practicalities surrounding funeral services only adds further stress and discomfort to those a deceased person leaves behind!

If you are worried that arranging funeral insurance entails a difficult and expensive procedure, we have great news! Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover will explain different aspects of death cover and offer advice on choosing a funeral plan best suited to your budget. This helpful 10-part series of online articles will be posted here every month, starting April 2017.

Here are 10 questions about funeral packages Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover will give answers to:

1. Back to Basics: What is a Funeral Plan?

2. Getting a Funeral Plan & the T-word: Time?

3. The Pros & Cons of Getting Funeral Cover?

4. Real Talk: Funeral Cover & Client Testimonies?

5. The Ins & Outs of Arranging Funeral Insurance?

6. S.O.S. Make Funeral Planning your Friend?

7. Funeral Plan D-Day: Step-by-Step Support for Loved Ones?

8. Funeral Cover: Friends & Family with Benefits?

9. Death by Budget: Smart Ways to Save on Funeral Cover?

10. The Day I Die: An Ultimate Wishlist & Death Cover Advantages?

Our Guide is geared towards ensuring you become mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with the thought of the day your loved ones bid you farewell. The aim is to give you peace of mind that those close to you will have a hassle-free experience when arranging a funeral one day – and that everyone can rest assured in the meantime.

There truly is no need to confuse matters of the mind with matters of the heart.

There is only an urgency to gain knowledge on the topic of getting a good funeral plan in place as soon as possible. It is necessary to answer uncomfortable questions, and Clientèle believes in empowering people with insights they can pass on to a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour, or even a stranger!