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Disciplinary Hearing


“I have been called for a disciplinary hearing. What are my rights?”

Some of you may not be familiar with those words but if you are, I am sure some of you may not know how to answer that question.Even though this will be a highly emotional and difficult time for you, remain calm and polite under all circumstances. Remember that you have rights. Your Clientèle Legal lawyer can advise you on what they are.

For instance, your employer needs to hand you written notice of the date, time and venue of the hearing. The charges have to be clearly set out with appropriate details included.

In addition to the written notice, the following are basic rights that you need to know that you have in the event of a disciplinary hearing

  • A reasonable amount of time to prepare for the hearing;
  • Representation, either by a fellow employee or shop steward;
  • Gain access to documentation to be used as evidence;
  • You need to call witnesses to your hearing.