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Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover – Getting a Funeral Plan & the T-word: Time

Getting a Funeral Plan & the T-word: Time

This month, our Ultimate Guide To Funeral Cover reminds us that the clock is ticking. The youth often don’t think about the fact that anyone can pass away unexpectedly! It is true that death is not reserved for the older generation only.

Getting funeral insurance as a young person seems a foreign concept, especially when there might not be any debt, bonds, medical bills or other financial responsibilities to worry about yet. However, the benefits included in an affordable funeral plan from an accredited funeral insurer can help you and your loved ones lead a more financially secure life with peace of mind, starting today.

But would it be a good idea to sign up for a funeral policy when I am young and healthy?

Yes, it is a great idea! Your time of passing is something nobody knows, so when it does happen – unexpectedly or not, for whatever reason – your loved ones will be going through a difficult time. Coping with the event of death is a time of emotional distress and during this period of grief, the last thing you want them to feel stressed about is money! It is therefore important to do your part to not become a financial burden to those you love once you are gone. With Clientèle, you can be smart about the funeral plan you choose, as it allows you to cover up to 13 people on one plan.

Put yourself in their shoes and think: How easily will they be able to pay for a funeral?

Funerals cost a lot of money and they will become even more expensive considering fuel and food production prices are increasing every year. Try to be very realistic when considering the state of your loved one’s finances. When someone passes away, many questions come to mind for everyone close to the deceased: How will the funeral be paid for when your daily expenses are as high as it is? Who will cover the unexpected funeral costs, such as the coffin, unveiling, transport and food? Which funeral providers are the cheapest, yet most reliable? Who can help with funeral arrangements to ensure a dignified farewell?

Imagine how thankful they will be when they know you have arranged for them to call Clientèle and receive the payout within 24 hours! Also, when they claim, they will receive airtime to help with all those that would need to be called. They will further receive assistance with funeral planning, groceries and the unveiling. These benefits all help keep them from having to count on their personal finances to afford your funeral – plus, nobody will be skimping on giving you the dignified funeral you deserve.

Contact us here to find out how our cover products can give you these enhanced benefits at low monthly premiums. You can also read about others who have made the right choice to get cover for any unforeseen expenses here.

Next month, we take a look at the pros and cons of getting covered while you still can. Clientèle’s Ultimate Guide to understanding funeral plans is here to give you information to pass on to a family member, friend, colleague, neighbour, or even a stranger!

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